Colorado Beetle Catcher

Without chemistry, still the Colorado potato beetle in control! Who doesn't want that?










The “Colorado Beetle Catcher” has been developed to deal with the growing problem of Colorado beetles in potato cultivation.

The machine takes advantage of the natural behavior of Colorado potato beetles. When the plant is knocked to the side, the beetle and larvae drop and pretend to be dead for a while.

The results of this new machine are astonishingly good. A significant part of the beetles and larvae is removed from the potato crop.

The basis of the machine consists of hydraulically driven rotors with plastic flaps. The beetles and larvae are knocked out of the plants and are then collected in the trays between the potato ridges.

After three years of extensive development, we now offer different versions of the machine. You can choose between:

1.) A rigid or tiltable variant. In the case of the tiltable version, we also supply a large collection container, which you can position on the headland.

2) A 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-row version, depending on the size of your field.

3) A distance between the rotors of 75cm or 90cm. However, we are also happy to build a machine for you in other dimensions. Just contact us!

4) A machine for front or rear lift. We recommend the front lift, because this offers the option to operate an earthing-up machine at the same time.

With only 2,70m, the the transport width is narrow enough for transportation on public roads.


The Colorado Beetle Catcher is an initiative of Joris van der Kamp – Van der Kamp Consult. In a collaborative project with growers Joost van Strien, Henk Klompe, Gerard Brinks and FieldWorkers, the idea has been developed from concept to machine ready for use.

The Project Colorado Beetle Catcher: Sustainable Machine Pest Control has been made possible in part by the province of Flevoland and the EU. Europe invests in its countryside. The Organic Agriculture Innovation Prize Foundation also made a contribution.



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